February 5 (January 26, o.s.)

Jamaica: Francis Hall and John Probin, merchants of Port Royal, send a ship captained by John Foljambe laden with 6 hogsheads of muscovado sugar to London to be received by Charles Pearce and Edmund Tooke in London. The economy of Jamaica, which once revolved mainly around piracy, has in recent years begun to focus increasingly on growing sugar, on plantations using slave labor, for export to England. Sugar is an enormously profitable crop, especially when grown in this manner, and it has previously enriched the smaller British islands in the Lesser Antilles to the east, especially Barbados. Although freight costs to London have been increasing, now 22 pounds sterling per ton of sugar up from around 12 pounds just two years earlier, the planters and merchants still manage to make substantial profits.

Meanwhile, the Council orders that any field officer of the militia has the authority to hold a regimental court martial and that if there is a French invasion before a new governor is appointed the President of the Council shall be in command of the colony and able to give orders.

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