February 7 (January 28, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council sends a letter to the Lords of Trade and Plantations reporting on recent events on the island.  They report the death of Lord Inchiquin and that they have assumed control of the government in the absence of a new governor.  They also report the results of their inspection of the fortifications and ask for more munitions, since much of the ordnance that was stored at the forts had been used to supply the warships stationed there.  They explain that they have been issuing commissions for privateers, since if they don’t men from Jamaica leave to get commissions elsewhere, and they ask for a pardon for those men to encourage them to return.

The councilors also make some suggestions for reforming the functioning of the Council to prevent the sorts of rumors of misbehavior on their part that have been going around.  They also complain that the Jews in Port Royal are taking an inordinate share of the trade there and refuse to settle down in other parts of the island to plant instead.

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