March 8 (February 27, o.s.)

Massachusetts:  Ann Putnam names Sarah Good, a poor, unhappy woman in Salem Village long rumored to be a witch, as another of her tormentors in addition to Tituba and Sarah Osborne.  Betty Hubbard, who had previously only named Tituba, now names Sarah Osborne as well.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas sets out to find a salina known to be in the Apache country to the northeast of El Paso. This salina had been sought by previous governors because there are no other good sources of salt in the area but had never been found because the previous expeditions were unable to find sufficient water to continue searching until they found it. Vargas thinks he can find it with the help of an Apache warrior he had captured when fighting the Apaches in September. He also takes with him about twenty soldiers and two Spanish civilians, plus sixty Indian allies. He spends the night at the pueblo of Socorro on the Rio Grande.

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  1. […] Massachusetts: Betty Hubbard names Sarah Good, whom Ann Putnam identified as afflicting her the day before, as one of her tormentors as […]

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