March 13 (March 3, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Putnam, the daughter of Sergeant Thomas Putnam of Salem Village and one of the afflicted girls of that village, accuses Dorothy Good, the daughter of accused witch Sarah Good, of afflicting her as well.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas’s expedition remains camped near the Apache salina, since the horses are exhausted from the strenuous journey so far and need to rest. Vargas decides to scout around the nearby Sierra Negra the next day, and he selects ten soldiers and twenty Indians to go with him. He orders the other members of the expedition to stay at the salina and gather salt.

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  1. […] Putnam, one of the afflicted girls of Salem, accuses Elizabeth Bassett Proctor of afflicting her on March 3. She says she saw Proctor then but didn’t recognize her until she saw her at church […]

  2. […] the afflicted girls Ann Putnam and Mary Walcott. Ann has been accusing Good of tormenting her since March 3, but Mary only began to do so recently. Since Mary is seventeen, and therefore old enough to have […]

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