March 14 (March 4, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas sets off at dawn from his encampment near the Apache salina with ten soldiers and twenty Indians. They go past the salina and toward the Sierra Negra. Along the way they discover thirteen more salinas, some of which have very fine white salt formed by the evaporation of rainwater. At the edge of the mountains they find an Apache trail and split into two groups, with Vargas’s group following the trail and another group going up up into the mountains. Vargas’s group eventually reaches a box canyon and can go no further because the mountains rise steeply in front of them, and they wait there for the other group. When the other group arrives they report that they have found two excellent springs. Vargas decides that, having accomplished his objective (finding the Apache salina) and then some, it’s time to head back to El Paso. As the soldiers are leaving the box canyon, the commander of the group that found the springs points out to Vargas that there seems to be someone on horseback at the top of the canyon watching them.

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