March 15 (March 5, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: In response to a request by the viceroy for advice on Governor Vargas’s proposed reconquest of New Mexico, sent to Juan Isidro de Pardiñas, governor of the province of Nueva Vizcaya in northern Mexico and sent on by him to the captains of the presidios in his province, Juan Fernández de Retana, captain of the presidio of San Francisco de Conchos, and Juan Bautista Escorza, captain of the presidio of Pasaje, give their opinions on the proposal. They both agree that Vargas will be able to reconquer the territory, but they doubt he can keep it without incurring massive expenses on the part of the royal treasury, given its isolation and precarious situation.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas’s expedition sets off from the Apache salina, taking all the salt they can carry. Their Apache guide says he will lead them back to El Paso by a shorter but more difficult route.

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