March 16 (March 6, o.s.)

Massachusetts: During Sunday services at the Salem Village meetinghouse, Ann Putnam, one of the afflicted girls of Salem, accuses Elizabeth Bassett Proctor of afflicting her on March 3. She says she saw Proctor then but didn’t recognize her until she saw her at church today.

Mexico/New Mexico: In response to the viceroy’s request, through Governor Pardiñas of Nueva Vizcaya, for advice on Vargas’s proposal for the reconquest of New Mexico, Martín de Hualde, captain of the presidio of Cerro Gordo, writes that since he is unfamiliar with New Mexico, he can only say that he hopes Vargas has thought this through carefully, and that if he is successful in the reconquest it will be necessary to bring in Spanish settlers to keep the Indians subjected. Aside from that, provided Vargas is correct about the small cost he estimates for the initial expedition, he doesn’t see any problem with the plan except for the large expenditures that will be necessary to hold the province and bring settlers there.

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