March 28 (March 18, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Carr Putnam, the wife of Thomas Putnam and mother of the afflicted girl Ann Putnam, weary from having to take care of her daughter and her similarly afflicted servant Mercy Lewis in addition to keeping up the house all by herself without any of the usual help from them, lies down in the afternoon to get a little rest and immediately feels like she is being pressed and choked to death.  She decides that it is Martha Corey, whom her daughter and servant have been accusing for days of afflicting them, who is afflicting her as well, torturing her to get her to sign a little red book and enlist in the service of Satan, which she refuses to do.  This specter returns to afflict her again several times later in the day.

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  1. […] herself to Satan’s service, much as she had seen Martha Corey’s apparition do on March 18 when she first began to suffer afflictions. Nurse’s specter threatens to tear her soul out of […]

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