March 29 (March 19, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Carr Putnam’s fits, which began the previous day, continue, and she names Rebecca Nurse in addition to Martha Corey as being behind them. Her brother-in-law Edward Putnam and Henry Kenney, a relative of the Putnams’ afflicted servant Mercy Lewis, file a complaint with Salem magistrates John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin charging Corey with bewitching Ann Carr Putnam, her daughter Ann, Mercy Lewis, Abigail Williams, and Elizabeth Hubbard. The magistrates issue a warrant ordering Corey to appear for questioning on March 21.

Meanwhile, Deodat Lawson, minister in Salem Village from 1684 through 1688 but now living in Boston, arrives in the Village to see what the witchcraft problems, which he has heard about, are really like there. He takes up lodging at Nathaniel Ingersoll’s tavern, where he is greeted by Mary Walcott, the seventeen-year-old daughter of militia captain Jonathan Walcott. They talk for a while, then she tells him that she has just been bit by a specter and shows him marks on her wrist from the bite.

Lawson then goes to see his successor as minister, Samuel Parris. While he is at Parris’s house Parris’s niece Abigail Williams, one of the first girls to be afflicted, has a terrible fit. She runs around the room wildly, then flaps her arms and says “whish, whish, whish” as if she is trying to fly, then says that she sees the specter of Rebecca Nurse asking her to sign the Devil’s book. She then runs over to the fire and begins throwing firebrands around the room. Some of the other visitors tell Lawson that she has previously attempted to go into the fire itself.

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