April 10 (March 31, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Port Royal. Since the colony can’t afford to pay Symon Musgrave for his service prosecuting criminal cases, he is authorized to apply to England for his payment. The colony can, however, afford to reimburse the expenses incurred by colonists in returning Spanish runaways to Cuba, and such reimbursement is authorized. Various other orders, mostly relating to defense, are issued as well.

Massachusetts: To encourage reflection on the sins that may have led to God’s punishment in the form of the recent witchcraft troubles, Salem Town and Village observe a public fast day. The afflicted girl Abigail Williams claims to see the witches scorning this observance by holding a sacrament with “red bread and red drink” in the field next to the house of her uncle, Salem Village minister Samuel Parris.

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  1. […] moves on to Abigail Williams, who has previously claimed to have seen a gathering of witches on March 31 in a pasture next to the house of her uncle, Samuel Parris. She now elaborates on this demonic […]

  2. […] her. Furthermore, while during her examination she denied attending the witches’ sacrament on March 31, she now admits that she did attend and partake of the red bread and red wine […]

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