April 16 (April 6, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Port Royal. Some French prisoners report that Nathaniel Grubing is on his way to make another raid on Jamaica. To guard against him, the councilors decide to hire the sloop Pembroke, captained by the lieutenant of HMS Guernsey (stationed in Port Royal), and manned by 60 men from the Guernsey and ten more impressed specifically for the purpose. The Pembroke will then cruise around the island along with the sloop Greyhound to prevent any attacks.

Massachusetts:  Benjamin Gould, a young yeoman of Salem Town, sees the apparitions of Martha Corey, one of the accused witches of Salem Village, and her husband Giles by his bedside.

Mexico: The governor of the town of Texcoco, Nicolás Flores de Miranda, writes to the viceroy on behalf of the town and requests that he lift the ban on grain dealers entering the town, which was instituted to ensure that the majority of grain was brought to Mexico City rather than outlying towns like Texcoco. He explains that because of the ban the only source of grain for the people of Texcoco is the public grain exchange, where they have to pay much higher prices than usual.

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  1. […] Gould, the Salem Town yeoman who saw the apparitions of Giles and Martha Corey by his bedside the preceding day, sees them again, along with the specters of John and Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah […]

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