April 28 (April 18, o.s.)

Jamaica: Samuel Bernard writes to the Earl of Nottingham, defending himself against charges of disloyalty lodged against him by Lord Inchiquin. He describes the conflicts between Inchiquin and the Assembly as resulting from the governor’s greed and authoritarianism.

Massachusetts: Ezekiel Cheever and John Putnam, Jr., whose infant daughter died on April 15 under mysterious circumstances, file a complaint with the Salem magistrates alleging witchcraft by Abigail Hobbs, a fourteen-year-old girl from Topsfield first accused by Ann Putnam on April 13 and subsequently accused by other afflicted girls as well; Giles Corey, the husband of accused witch Martha Corey; Mary Warren, the maidservant of John and Elizabeth Proctor, both recently accused of witchcraft and jailed in Boston with Martha Corey and others; and Bridget Bishop of Salem Town, who was charged with witchcraft twelve years earlier but acquitted.

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  1. […] four people (Giles Corey, Abigail Hobbs, Mary Warren, and Bridget Bishop) charged with witchcraft the preceding day. Giles Corey, the husband of accused witch Martha Corey, now imprisoned in Boston, is the first to […]

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