May 10 (April 30, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Jonathan Walcott and Thomas Putnam file a complaint against six people in Essex County for bewitching their daughters Mary Walcott and Ann Putnam, as well as the other afflicted girls Mercy Lewis, Abigail Williams, Betty Hubbard, and Susannah Sheldon.  The six are Philip English, the Salem merchant first accused by Susannah Sheldon on April 24; George Burroughs, the minister in Maine first accused by Ann Putnam on April 20; Sarah Morrell, a teenager from Beverly; Lydia Dustin, a widow from Reading long suspected of witchcraft; Susannah Martin, a widow from Amesbury also long thought to be a witch; and Dorcas Hoar, a widow from Beverly whose husband died the previous winter under suspicious circumstances.  The Salem magistrates issue warrants for English, Morrell, Dustin, Martin and Hoar to appear for questioning in Salem Village on May 2.  Burroughs, being in Maine, is beyond the reach of the magistrates, but the Governor and Council in Boston send an order to Elisha Hutchinson in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who issues a warrant for Burroughs to be apprehended and brought to Salem for questioning which he sends to John Partridge, Field Marshall of New Hampshire and Maine.

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