May 14 (May 4, o.s.)

Massachusetts: John Partridge, Field Marshall of Maine and New Hampshire, brings George Burroughs, minister of Wells, Maine, to Salem Town to be held in custody until his examination by the Salem magistrates regarding the charges of witchcraft filed against him on April 30. He is given to Thomas Beadle of Salem Town to be held at his tavern there until he can be questioned.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hubbard, the afflicted girl of Salem who first saw the apparition of Burroughs the previous night, sees him again in the morning. He tells her that he is no mere wizard, but a conjurer (apparently a higher rank in Satan’s forces), then disappears. Burroughs’s apparition made a similar remark to Ann Putnam the first time she saw him on April 20.

In the evening Bray Wilkins of Salem Village attends a dinner at the house of Lieutenant Richard Way with several friends, including the former Salem Village minister Deodat Lawson and Wilkins’s grandson-in-law John Willard. Willard came to Wilkins’s house a few days before to ask Wilkins to pray for him on account of his being accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam starting on April 23, but Wilkins was on his way out of the house and said he would come by Willard’s house to pray that night if he could.  As it turned out, he was delayed and was unable to come pray.  Willard now fixes him with an angry glare the likes of which Wilkins has never seen before, and Wilkins is immediately hit with a terrible pain in his abdomen and is unable to urinate.  The other dinner guests are amazed at Wilkins’s sudden pain, but Wilkins suspects that Willard has bewitched him.

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