May 16 (May 6, o.s.)

New Mexico: Father Joaquín de Hinojosa, president in capite and interim ecclesiastical judge ordinary of New Mexico, the highest-ranking cleric in the province, submits a petition to Governor Vargas asking him to grant possession of the churches in the province to the religious authorities, as the governor promised to then-president Francisco de Vargas (no relation) in August 1691. Although the local priests, missionaries belonging to the Observant Franciscan Order, are of course using the churches and have been since they were built, formal jurisdiction over them legally belongs to the crown. As the highest-ranking royal official in the province, the governor has the authority to transfer jurisdiction over the churches to the priests, and he assured Father Vargas that he would, but he has not yet done so. He now agrees to Hinojosa’s request that he follow through, and sends his secretary of government and war, Juan Páez Hurtado, to the president to inform him of his decision and. When Páez does so, Hinojosa says that he is satisfied with Governor Vargas’s decision and adds that in addition to transferring possession of the churches and sufficient land to sustain the missionaries, which Father Vargas asked for in August, he would also like the governor to grant the priests jurisdiction over the land occupied by the Indians in the pueblos of the El Paso area.

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