May 18 (May 8, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The apparition of George Burroughs, the Maine clergyman imprisoned in Salem Town awaiting questioning the next day, appears to the afflicted girl Mary Walcott, telling her that he killed his first wife and child when he was minister in Salem Village.  Mary then sees the specters of Burroughs’s first two wives, who confirm that he killed them and cry out for vengeance against him.

At night Mercy Lewis also sees Burroughs’s specter.  He tells her that she won’t see his two wives (who have been appearing to many of the other afflicted girls) if he can help it, because he can’t have her bearing witness against him at his examination.

Burroughs’s specter also appears to Susannah Sheldon, asking her if she is planning to testify against him at his examination.  She says she will, whereupon he declares that he will kill her before the morning.

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