May 21 (May 11, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The Salem magistrates return to Thomas Beadle’s tavern in Salem Town, where they conducted a rather unsatisfactory examination of accused witch George Jacobs the previous day, to question his seventeen-year-old granddaughter Margaret Jacobs. She is startled and frightened by the fits into which the afflicted persons fall, and when she insists that she knows nothing about their suffering the magistrates say that she must, since their torments come in response to her, and that if she confesses her life will be spared, while if she doesn’t she will be hanged. She quickly confesses and names both her grandfather and George Burroughs, the minister examined on May 9, as fellow witches.

When Jacobs begins to confess, one Joseph Flint goes to her grandfather, who is being held in another room at the tavern, to tell him what she has said. “She was charged not to confess,” he says, then quickly explains that he means that if she confesses despite being innocent she will be responsible for her own death. Flint, however, interprets Jacobs’s exclamation as a clear indication of his own guilt, and when he returns and tells Hathorne and Corwin about it they agree and decide to immediately question the old man again. During this examination, in which he still refuses to confess despite the mounting evidence against him, Ann Putnam and Abigail Williams have fits in which they are stuck with pins. These pins are clearly visible to the others present, and for the magistrates provide hard evidence of Jacobs’s guilt.

Mexico/New Mexico: The Conde de Galve sends Governor Vargas’s March 30 letter regarding the Sumas to Benito de Noboa Salgado, the royal prosecutor, who recommends that the viceroy grant the governor’s request for supplies for the new church. The viceroy also receives Vargas’s April 7 letter reporting his discovery of the Apache salina and sends it on to Noboa, along with his letters of April 9 and 17 regarding the New Mexicans settled in Nueva Vizcaya and his April 17 letter laying out his plans for the reconquest of New Mexico.

New Mexico: As he did in El Paso on May 17, in Ysleta on May 19, and in Socorro on May 20, Governor Vargas goes to the Pueblo of Senecú to transfer possession of the church there, San Antonio de Senecú, to Father Joaquín de Hinojosa.  He then goes to the Spanish settlement of San Lorenzo to do the same with the church there.

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