May 26 (May 16, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Sir William Phips, the newly appointed governor of Massachusetts who arrived in Boston on May 14, is sworn in as governor and his commission is read. The other members of the colony’s council who are present are also sworn in, including the Salem magistrates John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin.

Meanwhile, in Salem Village, Mary Walcott and Mercy Lewis come to the Wilkins house and state before a crowd of onlookers that they see John Willard’s apparition, as well as Sarah Buckley’s, pressing on and choking both Bray Wilkins and his grandson Daniel, who dies after sunset.

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  1. […] Massachusetts: A jury of inquest summoned by Salem Constable John Putnam to investigate the death the previous night of Daniel Wilkins examines the body of the deceased and finds several bruises and puncture wounds […]

  2. […] his wife’s grandfather, Bray Wilkins, and her second cousin, Daniel Wilkins, who died on May 16 under suspicious circumstances after some of the afflicted girls had publicly accused Willard of […]

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