May 29 (May 19, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Port Royal. Colonel Peter Beckford is given the authority to conduct court martials of the officers of the Port Royal regiment of militia in emergencies and is empowered to repair the Port Royal fortifications for 800 pounds. The possessions of Lord Inchiquin purchased for 90 pounds from Lady Inchiquin for government use are inventoried.

Massachusetts: In the late evening Mercy Lewis, the only one of the afflicted girls who has not retracted her accusations of witchcraft against Mary Easty, who was freed from jail the previous day by order of the Salem magistrates, falls into terrible fits at the home of Constable John Putnam, the cousin of her master Thomas Putnam.  She accuses Easty of afflicting her for not clearing her name the way the other girls did.  Constable Putnam and Marshal George Herrick, upon seeing her fits, conclude that Mercy’s life is endangered by the severity of her fits, and that renewed charges must be filed against Easty.

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