May 30 (May 20, o.s.)

Massachusetts: About dawn, Constable John Putnam and Marshal George Herrick leave Putnam’s house in Salem Village, where Mercy Lewis has been suffering dreadful fits apparently at the hands of Mary Easty, who was freed from jail on May 18, to go to Salem Town and file renewed charges against Easty for bewitching Lewis. They are convinced that only reimprisoning Easty can end Mercy’s fits and save her life. A warrant is swiftly issued for Easty’s rearrest and questioning.

Throughout the day, other afflicted girls are brought to Putnam’s house to see if they can identify the specter(s) tormenting Mercy Lewis. The first to come is Mary Walcott, who confirms Mercy’s charge that it is Mary Easty who is tormenting her for not clearing her name. Ann Putnam and Abigail Williams come next, and claim to see not only Easty but John Willard and Mary Witheridge, who were examined and sent to jail the same day Easty was released, tormenting Mercy. Finally, at night Elizabeth Hubbard comes and also sees Easty’s apparition.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Booth, the newest afflicted girl who accused Daniel Andrew of afflicting her on May 18, has fits which she blames on Sarah Proctor, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the previously accused John and Elizabeth Proctor, currently jailed in Boston.  Mary Walcott also accuses Sarah Proctor of afflicting her.  Susannah Sheldon accuses both Andrew and Proctor of causing her fits.

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  1. […] and Elizabeth Proctor who was herself accused by Elizabeth Booth, Mary Warren and Susannah Sheldon the previous day; Sarah Bassett of Lynn, Elizabeth Proctor’s sister-in-law; and Susannah Roote of Beverly, a […]

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