June 1 (May 22, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The afflicted girl Susannah Sheldon, who first claimed to be tormented by the specter of the wealthy Salem merchant Philip English on April 24 and has continued to accuse him frequently since then, complains of being visited again by the apparition of English, who was charged with witchcraft on April 30 but fled and has not yet been found.  She says English brings her his book to sign and threatens her with a knife if she will not sign it.  She also says the specter of another man appears to her and tells her that English murdered him and that she must tell John Hathorne, the Salem magistrate, about it.  English’s specter, still there, threatens to cut off Susannah’s legs with his knife and says that he will kill the governor, who he calls his greatest enemy.  He also says that if he is captured he will kill ten people in Boston within six days.

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