June 14 (June 4, o.s.)

Connecticut: Eighty residents of Stamford sign a statement at the request of Stephen Clawson, declaring that his wife Elizabeth, accused of witchcraft, has never been a troublesome or contentious neighbor.

Massachusetts: Several of the afflicted girls accuse Job Tookey, a sailor from Beverly, of afflicting them and saying that he has “learning” and can raise the Devil when he pleased.  Tookey is brought before the Salem magistrates, John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin (along with their fellow judge and counselor Bartholomew Gedney) for questioning and says that it is the Devil afflicting people in his shape rather than him.  The girls swear that he told them in person that he is able to raise the Devil, to which he has no response.  They also claim to see the apparitions of five people risen from the dead and crying for vengeance against Tookey.  A few other people give testimony against Tookey as well, mainly about things he has said regarding his ability to raise and talk to the Devil.  James Darling says that Tookey told him that he wasn’t the Devil’s servant but the Devil was his.

Mexico: Pedro Manuel de Torres, captain of the palace guard, is sent to Veracruz in accordance with the sentence handed down against him on June 12 in connection with his response to the riot on June 8.

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