July 1 (June 21, o.s.)

Jamaica: HMS Guernsey, stationed at Port Royal but away fighting the French when the earthquake struck on June 7, returns victorious to port only to see the destruction wreaked on the formerly thriving seaport. The Council orders that a court martial be held on board the Guernsey on June 28.

Massachusetts: Jemima Rea, an eleven-year-old girl in Salem Village, begins to have strange fits and accuses Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Cloyce, and another woman of bewitching her.  Nurse and Cloyce are sisters who have already been accused of witchcraft by many of the afflicted.

Meanwhile, Susannah Sheldon, one of the more established afflicted girls in the Village, accuses Lydia Dustin and Sarah Good, two more suspected witches, of tormenting her by tying her hands with string and taking things out of the house where she is staying.  Others present can see that her hands are indeed tightly bound with string.

Mexico: The dean and other officials of the Mexico City cathedral issue a report on the effects of the indigenous alcoholic beverage pulque among the Indians of the city in which they state that its use is widespread and corrupting of the morals, and that the taverns in which it is sold are dens of iniquity where all the roughest elements of society come together. The clear implication is that the rioting of June 8, widely blamed on the Indians in the city, came about as a result of plotting under the influence of pulque in these establishments.

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