July 11 (July 1, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The Court of Oyer and Terminer meets in Salem. The grand jury hears evidence presented by the prosecutor, Thomas Newton, against Martha Carrier of Andover. Carrier was first accused of witchcraft on May 28 and examined on May 31. The grand jury finds Newton’s evidence convincing and issues indictments against Carrier, but the court does not immediately bring her to trial.

After the court adjourns for the day, Thomas Putnam and his cousin John Putnam file charges with the Salem magistrates against Mrs. Margaret Hawkes of Salem Town and her slave Candy for bewitching Thomas Putnam’s daughter Ann along with Mary Walcott, another of the afflicted girls, and Mary Warren, an afflicted girl turned confessed witch.  The magistrates order Mrs. Hawkes and Candy to appear before them on July 4 for questioning.

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  2. […] of the court is to conduct the trial of Martha Carrier, who was indicted by the grand jury on July 1, during the court’s second session.  Carrier has since been implicated by all of the recent […]

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