July 13 (July 3, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas in El Paso receives the viceroy’s official authorization of his expedition to reconquer the parts of New Mexico that were lost in the 1680 revolt, sent from Mexico City on May 28. In addition to approving Vargas’s plans for how to conduct the operation, the authorization also grants him the fifty additional soldiers he requested from the garrisons of Nueva Vizcaya. The governor of Nueva Vizcaya, Juan Isidro de Pardiñas, who received a copy of the authorization from the courier bringing it through his province to reach New Mexico, sends word by the courier that he will order the fifty soldiers sent wherever Vargas wants them as soon as he hears from him.  Vargas immediately sends letters to both the viceroy and Pardiñas, informing them that he is ready to leave on the expedition tomorrow but will wait until he receives the additional soldiers, whom he will fully provision with both food and ammunition for the duration of the campaign provided that they arrive equipped with weapons and horses.  He will also supply pack animals and artillery.

In his letter to the viceroy, Vargas continues by describing the preparations he will make to ensure the safety of the citizens he leaves behind in the El Paso area.  In his letter to Pardiñas he gives him the choice of how many soldiers to send from each presidio, provided the total number of soldiers provided is fifty, and insists that they must be highly skilled professional soldiers.  He asks Pardiñas to ensure that they pass muster before him before sending them off and to send along with them a list of the equipment each man has with him so that he can examine the list and ensure it is accurate when the soldiers arrive at El Paso.

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