July 25 (July 15, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Foster, the elderly Andover widow implicated by two of the afflicted girls of Salem the previous day in the illness of Elizabeth Ballard, is summoned before the Salem magistrates for questioning. Foster soon confesses to witchcraft and admits to having seen the Devil three times in the shape of a bird that was white when it arrived but black when it flew away. She says the devil-bird promised her prosperity and gave her the power to afflict people. She further claims that the accused witch Martha Carrier came to her about three weeks ago and asked her to afflict Elizabeth Ballard and others.

New Mexico/Mexico: Juan Isidro de Pardiñas, the governor of Nueva Vizcaya, receives the letter sent by Governor Diego de Vargas of New Mexico on July 13 specifying how to supply the fifty soldiers authorized by the viceroy on May 28 to be sent from Nueva Vizcaya for the reconquest of New Mexico.  He immediately sends orders to his commanders to provide the requested troops, fifteen each from the presidios of Pasaje, Gallo, and San Francisco de Conchos and five from the presidio of Cerro Gordo.

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