July 26 (July 16, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Foster, the accused witch who confessed to witchcraft the preceding day, appears again before the Salem magistrates to elaborate on her confession.  She says that Martha Carrier, also recently accused of witchcraft, came to her about six years before and threatened that the Devil would tear her into pieces if she didn’t join his forces, so she did.  She admits to several specific acts of witchcraft against various victims, including a hog belonging to one John Lovejoy, “some persons in Salem Village,” and, at the request of Martha Carrier, two children of Andrew Allen, one of whom died.  She also admits to having attended a meeting of witches in Salem Village about two months before, again at the request of Martha Carrier, with whom she rode to the meeting on broomsticks.  She says that George Burroughs, the minister and accused witch from Maine, presided over the meeting, which was attended by about twenty-five people.

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