July 28 (July 18, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Ann Foster of Andover appears before the Salem magistrates yet again to continue her confession of witchcraft, which began on July 15 and continued the next day.  The judges’ questions focus on two aspects of her story: her initiation into witchcraft six years ago and her attendance at the witches’ meeting in Salem Village two months ago.  About the former, she says that the Devil was present along with Martha Carrier when she signed up and that he promised her “prosperity and many things” in exchange for two years of service from her, but that he never delivered on his promises.  About the latter, she says that she and Carrier both rode the same stick to get to the meeting but that the stick broke while they were traveling above the treetops and they began to fall, so she grabbed on to Carrier’s neck and made it safely to the meeting, although she did hurt her leg in the process.  As for the meeting itself, she says that there were two men there besides George Burroughs, one of whom had gray hair, but she doesn’t name them.  She also says that she overheard some of the witches at the meeting saying that there were 305 witches in the country, and that they intended to ruin Salem Village.

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