August 7 (July 28, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The Salem magistrates issue a warrant for the arrest of Mary Bridges of Andover on witchcraft charges. Andover Constable John Ballard swiftly apprehends Bridges and brings her to Salem Town to await questioning.

Mexico/New Mexico: The royal prosecutor, Benito de Noboa Salgado, writes to the viceroy with his opinion on the dispute between Governor Vargas and Father Hinojosa described in Vargas’s letters of June 17 and 19.  Overall he accepts Vargas’s version of the story, and says that the Spanish settlers and the Indians seem to have lived in harmony in El Paso for the past few years because they are united as one community and share the land in common, so it would be unwise to give the priests control over the Indians’ land as Hinojosa wants.  He cites, as did Vargas, a decree allegedly issued by the Conde de Monterrey when he was viceroy regulating the governance of missions and defining the relationship between their jurisdiction and that of the civil government, despite the fact that the administrators in Mexico City stated on August 1 that they could not find this decree in their records.

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  3. […] theirs by marriage, four daughters of Mary Bridges.  Bridges, who was charged with witchcraft on July 28 and confessed soon after, is the sister of Martha’s stepfather (and Rose’s great-uncle) […]

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