August 10 (July 31, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: The Conde de Galve receives Governor Pardiñas’s letter of May 24, giving his opinion on Governor Vargas’s plans for reconquest of New Mexico as well as those of the commanders of the presidios of Nueva Vizcaya.

Meanwhile, in the presidio of San Francisco de Conchos in Nueva Vizcaya, the local commander, Juan Fernández de Retana, assembles fifteen men in accordance with Governor Pardiñas’s order of July 25 to supply men for the reconquest.  He inspects them, writes a list of the equipment each man has, and certifies that they all pass muster.  Since Conchos is between Parral, the provincial capital, and El Paso, Fernández sends the list to the governor rather than having all the men go down to Parral to pass muster only to come back up to Conchos on their way to New Mexico.

New Mexico: Juan Páez Hurtado, the secretary of government and war, announces Governor Vargas’s order of the previous day setting the date for the departure of the first troops for the reconquest on August 16.  A great crowd, including the affected soldiers, gathers in the plaza of El Paso to hear the announcement, accompanied by drum and bugle.

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