August 16 (August 6, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: The Junta of the Treasury meets in Mexico City and discusses the dispute between Governor Vargas and Father Hinojosa over the lands of the Indians.  The assembled officials decide to endorse the report of the royal prosecutor Benito de Noboa Salgado of August 7 backing the governor, and the viceroy therefore orders that Noboa’s recommendations be implemented.

New Mexico: In accordance with Governor Vargas’s decision and order on August 9, the three companies of soldiers from the presidio and the 100 Indian allies who are to leave on the reconquest assemble on the plaza at El Paso in the morning.  The governor is there to inspect them and make sure they are adequately provisioned.  He determines that all are there by around 10:00 am, and finishes supplying them by about 2:00 pm.  Once this is done, the expedition proceeds to the Rio Grande and slowly crosses it, with the governor watching to make sure everything gets across safely.  It is already sunset by the time the whole group and all the supplies are on the other side of the river, so they camp for the night right there.

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