August 17 (August 7, o.s.)

New Mexico: The initial three companies of the reconquest expedition, under the command of Roque Madrid, set off in the morning from their campsite across the Rio Grande from El Paso.  Madrid has orders from Governor Vargas to go as far as the outpost of Salineta and camp there.

After they have left, Vargas sends Juan Ruiz de Cáceres to deliver two small wagons of supplies and some artillery pieces to Salineta and to return to El Paso to report on the condition of the camp.  When Ruiz arrives at Salineta he finds the troops already there and well-supplied, and he returns to El Paso in the evening and informs the governor.  The governor still doesn’t know if the fifty soldiers he is waiting for from Nueva Vizcaya have even left yet, so he sends a letter to Madrid at Salineta telling him to go on to the outpost of Robledo, about five days’ journey from Salineta, and to wait for him there.

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