August 20 (August 10, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Sarah Carrier and Thomas Carrier Jr., the younger children (7 and 10 years old respectively) of Martha Carrier, who was convicted of witchcraft on August 3, are examined by the Andover magistrate Dudley Bradstreet. Both quickly confess to witchcraft, as their older brothers Richard and Andrew did on July 22, and say that their mother baptized them as witches, then name various other family members, most of whom have already been accused, as fellow witches. The children are otherwise not very forthcoming, and they deny attending any witchcraft gatherings in Salem Village, though Thomas admits to attending one in Andover.

Bradstreet also examines twenty-two-year old Elizabeth Johnson of Andover, who also confesses and offers a much more detailed account of a meeting of witches in Salem Village presided over by George Burroughs as well as naming more witches, including one Daniel Eames of Boxford.

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