August 23 (August 13, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Daniel Eames of Boxford, who was accused of witchcraft by Elizabeth Johnson in her August 10 confession, appears before the Salem magistrates for questioning.  He steadfastly denies any involvement with witchcraft, despite the fits suffered by three of the afflicted girls in his presence and the claims of three confessors that he is one of their comrades in Satan’s service.  He says that the confessed witch Mary Toothaker did appear to him in a dream and try to get him to sign the Devil’s book, but insists that he refused.

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  1. […] Rose is also the niece of Daniel Eames of Boxford, who was examined on witchcraft charges on August 13 but refused to confess.  His mother Rebecca Eames, Rose’s grandmother, has since confessed […]

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