August 28 (August 18, o.s.)

New Mexico: At dawn Governor Vargas, encamped at the waterhole of El Perrillo, sends the Pueblo Indian allies in his expedition ahead to the next waterhole, Las Peñuelas.  After the Franciscan missionaries who are traveling with the expedition conduct a mass, the whole group breaks camp and heads off to Las Peñuelas.  Shortly before they get there they run into Roque Madrid, whom Vargas sent ahead of the main group with the livestock the previous day to ensure that they would get some of the scarce water.  Madrid tells Vargas that there is plenty of water on account of the recent rain, which the governor already knows but is nevertheless grateful to hear.  When the expedition reaches Las Peñuelas Vargas orders the men to make camp and sends six of them on to the next waterhole, El Muerto, to see how much water is there.  In the evening one of the soldiers returns to Las Peñuelas and reports that there isn’t much water at El Muerto, barely enough for the pack animals.

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