August 30 (August 20, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Three teenage girls from Andover begin to have fits reminiscent of the ones suffered by the well-known afflicted girls in Salem Village who have played such a prominent role in the witchcraft trials.  The first to suffer is sixteen-year-old Martha Sprague, soon followed by her thirteen-year-old stepcousin Rose Foster.  Rose is also the niece of Daniel Eames of Boxford, who was examined on witchcraft charges on August 13 but refused to confess.  His mother Rebecca Eames, Rose’s grandmother, has since confessed to witchcraft herself.

The first people the girls accuse of causing their fits are relatives of theirs by marriage, four daughters of Mary Bridges.  Bridges, who was charged with witchcraft on July 28 and confessed soon after, is the sister of Martha’s stepfather (and Rose’s great-uncle) Moses Tyler.

Mexico: Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora, the most prominent public intellectual in Mexico City, writes a letter to Admiral Andrés de Pez, commander of the Armada de Barlovento stationed on the Gulf coast, describing the riot of June 8 and laying the blame for it on the Indians of the city, who, in his telling, reacted to the viceroy’s heroic efforts to supply the city with grain in the face of severe shortage by plotting the uprising using the grain shortage as a pretext. This is by now the standard explanation of the riot believed by the Spanish authorities in Mexico, despite the lack of clear evidence of such a conspiracy in the testimony assembled by the court convened to try suspected rioters in June.

New Mexico: In accordance with Governor Vargas’s orders of the previous night, Roque Madrid leaves the expedition’s camp at La Cruz de Anaya early in the morning with the livestock in order to reach the river before the animals get too tired.  The remainder of the expedition leaves a bit later in the morning and makes it to the outpost of Fray Cristóbal on the Rio Grande without any trouble despite the length of the journey.  When they get there they find Madrid, who also made the trip with no trouble.  The united group, thankful to God and glad to have made it through the Jornada del Muerto, the most dangerous part of the trip north, in one piece, camps by the river for the night.

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