September 4 (August 25, o.s.)

Connecticut: Katharine Branch appears in the morning before Jonathan Bell, commissioner in Stamford, and reports that Goody Miller, one of the women against whom she has been making witchcraft accusations for some time, recently came to her spectrally while she was sleeping, grabbed her by the head, pulling it down behind her back, and told her that Elizabeth Clawson, another accused witch, would come by soon. She then woke up. Kate’s master, Sergeant Daniel Westcott, tells Bell that he was in bed asleep at the time but was awakened by Kate screaming violently. He went to her and saw her on her bed with her head bent behind her back and her body arched up about a foot over the bed. She didn’t seem to be breathing. She lay there for quite a while, then fell flat onto the bed and began groaning and breathing harshly for several hours, seeming to be in a fit.

Jamaica: The Council meets and orders that the captain of the sloop Pembroke be paid and sent in pursuit of Nathaniel Grubing, the privateer who plundered Spanish River in early March.

Massachusetts: The four daughters of the confessed witch Mary Bridges of Andover who were accused of witchcraft by Martha Sprague and Rose Foster on August 20 are brought to Salem to be questioned by the Salem magistrates.  Although all four initially proclaim innocence, they all eventually confess.  The most elaborate confessions come from the two youngest girls, seventeen-year-old Sarah Bridges and thirteen-year-old Mary Bridges Jr., who spin elaborate tales of witch meetings in response to the judges’ insistent questions.  Between them the four confirm the guilt of several people already in jail and add accusations of three new people, all from the neighboring town of Rowley: a father and son both named John Jackson and one John Howard.

Meanwhile, Martha Sprague’s stepfather Moses Tyler files more charges with the Andover authorities against other people his stepdaughter and her cousin Rose have accused of afflicting them.  He is joined by Samuel Martin, whose nineteen-year-old daughter Abigail has also begun to have fits.  The accused are William Barker, his niece Mary Barker, and Mary Marston, all of Andover.

New Mexico: The reconquest expedition breaks its camp at the abandoned Pueblo of Alamillo and continues on its way north.  Once again the road is rough and sandy, necessitating the unloading of the wagons and the use of the pack animals to carry the loads.  The group arrives at the abandoned Pueblo of Sevilleta, but Governor Vargas decides to press on to the estancia formerly owned by Felipe Romero, since there is more abundant pasture there for the animals.  The expedition makes camp there.

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