September 5 (August 26, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets and orders that forty men be pressed to man HMS Guernsey. A letter is drafted to the Lords of Trade and Plantations.

Massachusetts: George Herrick, the deputy sheriff of Essex County, apprehends the three Rowley men (John Jackson Sr., John Jackson Jr., and John Howard) accused of witchcraft by the four daughters of Mary Bridges in their confessions the previous day and brings them to Salem for questioning.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas’s reconquest expedition leaves the estancia of Felipe Romero near the abandoned Pueblo of Sevilleta and continues on to the outpost of Las Barrancas.  Camp is made for the night next to the estancia there formerly owned by Francisco Gómez.

Meanwhile, the fifty soldiers from Nueva Vizcaya who departed from Parral on August 13 to join Vargas’s expedition arrive in El Paso at 9:00 am. In accordance with the instructions left by Vargas when he departed on August 21, Lieutenant Governor Luis Granillo inspects the troops and, once he finds them well-supplied, Juan Páez Hurtado takes command of them and immediately departs to meet up with the main force led by Vargas.

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