September 6 (August 27, o.s.)

Massachusetts: The three men from Rowley accused of witchcraft on August 25 and arrested on August 26 are brought before the Salem magistrates for questioning.  John Jackson Sr. refuses to concede any ground and vigorously insists on his innocence even when presented with the combined testimony of all the recent confessors and afflicted girls from Andover along with some of the earlier ones from Salem Village.  His son John Jackson Jr. will go as far as to say that his aunt Elizabeth Howe, who was executed for witchcraft on July 19, was a witch and bewitched him once by glaring at him and burning a spot on his hat, and that his father has told him not to confess, but he refuses to say that his father is a witch or that he himself ever signed the Devil’s book or was baptized by the Devil (though he does admit to having seen the Devil in the form of a cat).  The third man, John Howard, won’t confess either, and all three men are sent to jail.

New Mexico: The reconquest expedition leaves the outpost of Las Barrancas and continues its journey north.  The road is very sandy, so, as they have done several times already, the men unload the wagons and put their cargo on the pack animals to carry ahead so the wagons don’t get stuck.  The group camps for the night within sight of the hacienda formerly owned by Tomé Domínguez.

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