September 9 (August 30, o.s.)

Connecticut: Sergeant Daniel Westcott appears before the Stamford magistrates and testifies about the fits his servant Katharine Branch has been having since the spring.  In particular, he mentions that he has seen her lie on the bed having a fit then suddenly leap up and land on the floor nearly six feet away without using her hands or feet at all, which he considers “beyond nature” for any person to do.

Jamaica: A group of Jews sends a petition to Queen Mary asking to be made citizens of the colony on account of the great losses they suffered in the earthquake and the efforts shortly before that by the Council and Assembly to restrict their traditional privileges of free trade in Jamaica. This was one of the issues over which Lord Inchiquin and the Assembly argued.

Massachusetts: The Salem magistrates come to the jail in Salem Town to question Abigail Faulkner, who refused to confess to witchcraft when she was initially examined on August 11 but was accused once again by William Barker in his confession on August 29.  This time she confesses and says that she began to bewitch the afflicted persons after they angered her by accusing her relatives of witchcraft.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas breaks camp in the morning and continues traveling north beyond Isleta with the two squads of soldiers he has with him to reconnoiter the area.  He soon arrives at the abandoned hacienda of Mejía, where he notices that there are some pastures and that the area is clear, level and well-watered and decides it would be a good place to leave the livestock and supplies he won’t need for the immediate operations against the Pueblos to the north.  He therefore sends a soldier to go back and intercept the remainder of the expedition, which is making its way north from Valencia at a leisurely pace, and bring it to Mejía.  The troops and the accompanying animals and supplies arrive around 11:00 am.

Soon after they arrive, Vargas puts Rafael Téllez Girón in charge of the outpost at Mejía and leaves him with fourteen men and orders to guard the supplies and livestock, which should be rounded up and corralled at night, and to reconnoiter the surrounding area and fend off any attacks from hostile Pueblos or Apaches.  He also leaves orders for the group of reinforcements allegedly coming up from Nueva Vizcaya to leave ten of the fifty men, those with the most exhausted animals, with Téllez at Mejía when the remainder of the group continues on to Santo Domingo Pueblo in accordance with his earlier orders.

Vargas then goes with Téllez to look at another hacienda somewhat further north, called Doña Luisa, which he says Téllez can move to if he decides he needs more and better pastures when the troops from Nueva Vizcaya arrive.

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