September 12 (September 2, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Mary Parker of Andover is brought before the Salem magistrates for questioning in connection with William Barker Jr.’s naming of a “Goody Parker” as a fellow witch in his confession the previous day.  She maintains her innocence, suggesting that she is not the Goody Parker in question and saying that “there is another woman of the same name in Andover.”  Barker, however, insists that this she is the woman he named, and various other confessors and afflicted persons concur, having fits that only Parker’s touch can end. Mary Warren, one of the early confessors from Salem Village, has one fits so violent that blood runs out of her mouth.  The magistrates find this evidence more convincing than Parker’s claim of mistaken identity and order her sent to jail to await trial.

New Mexico: The reconquest expedition under Governor Vargas departs from its camp at Las Bocas in the morning, and soon reaches the nearby Pueblo of Cieneguilla, which seems to have been recently abandoned.  Since the road is so bad, Vargas calls a halt at Cieneguilla to allow the expedition to regroup.  They remain there until sunset, when the governor orders the soldiers to prepare for the imminent attack on Santa Fe and then orders the group to march on.  They stop a little while later at a field and Vargas exhorts them to carry out their duties as Catholics and subject of the king of Spain to defend the faith and reconquer the territory.  He says that although he knows they are few in number, he is confident that they are sufficiently dutiful and that they will succeed in their attempts at reconquest.  The expedition then continues its march until around 11:00 pm, when Vargas calls a halt at a treeless plain on the bank of a wash called Arroyo Seco, although it does have some water in it.  He tells the military leaders to prepare to depart for the attack on Santa Fe at 3:00 am.

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