October 1 (September 21, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Dorcas Hoar, who was convicted of witchcraft on September 6 and is scheduled to be executed on September 22, suddenly and unexpectedly confesses, leading the ministers who witness her confession to write to Governor Phips in Boston asking for a reprieve of one month.  Bartholomew Gedney, one of the Salem magistrates, endorses the request after hearing Hoar’s confession himself.  Governor Phips is in Maine, so the request goes to Lieutenant Governor Stoughton, the chief justice of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, who grants the request.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas sets out from Pojoaque Pueblo to continue his tour of the pueblos in the area.  He goes first to Jacona, where he goes through the usual process of pardoning the people and having Francisco Corvera, one of his expedition’s priests, grant them absolution.  Corvera and the other two priests then baptize 18 children who were born since the 1680 revolt.

The expedition then continues to San Ildefonso, where Vargas decides to spend the night, figuring that many of the people are out in the fields or gathering firewood and will not be back in time for him to pardon them before dark.  Around 3:00 pm, however, he receives word that all the people are present and ready, so he goes through with the pardon and absolution, followed by the baptism of 101 children.  This takes quite a while, so he ends up spending the night anyway.

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