October 3 (September 23, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Kingston. President Bourden reports great mortality in Kingston, and it is agreed that government offices be moved back to Port Royal. The residents of Port Royal will have to pay for the repair of the fortifications there.  A damaged French sloop sailing under a flag of truce is allowed to be repaired.

The Council sends a letter to the Lords of Trade and Plantations explaining that they had established Kingston as a replacement for Port Royal, but the enormous mortality there and the great difficulty of fortifying the harbor has forced them to move the seat of government back to the remains of Port Royal.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas leaves from San Juan Pueblo to visit the nearby Pueblos of San Cristóbal and San Lázaro. He only takes a small group with him, leaving the rest of his expedition at San Juan so that he can move more quickly. He intends to return to San Juan to spend the night.

The group arrives first at San Cristóbal, where Vargas explains his mission and pardons the people. Father Francisco Corvera then grants the people absolution and he and the other priest, Cristóbal Alonso Barroso, baptize 66 children. While the group is at San Cristóbal one of the Indian allies who have come with Vargas from El Paso, a Tiwa man from Isleta Pueblo, notices that his wife and two children are living at the pueblo, apparently having been captured during the 1680 revolt. He asks Vargas to order the people of San Cristóbal to return his wife and children to him, which the governor does after assuring the woman that no harm will be done to her. The man is very happy to have his family back. Some other members of the expedition, from the Piro pueblos in El Paso, notice a Piro woman at the pueblo who is the wife of one of their relatives who is waiting with the main body of the expedition at San Juan. They ask Vargas to order her returned to them to be brought back to her husband, and he complies with their request.

The group then moves on to San Lázaro Pueblo, where the people have prepared a shade awning for them. Vargas goes through the same process of pardoning the people, and Corvera grants them absolution, then Corvera and Barroso baptize 89 people of all ages. The group then prepares to depart and return to San Juan, but the people of San Lázaro persuade them to stay and eat. After they are done eating they go back to San Juan and rejoin the rest of the expedition.

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