October 4 (September 24, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas, having completed his tour of the Tewa Pueblos, departs from San Juan Pueblo for the northern Tiwa Pueblos of Picuris and Taos.  The road north through the mountains is rough and difficult, so he leaves the artillery pieces behind with the artillery captain and ten men to stay at San Juan while he and the rest of the expedition proceed.  They leave around 2:00 pm and continue until they reach a cove near the Rio Grande that Vargas decides is a good place to camp.  He then calls a halt for the night.

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  1. […] arrive at San Juan Pueblo around 3:00 pm.  There they find the artillery they left behind there on October 4 with a small guard, having passed the time uneventfully while the main body of troops has been […]

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