October 5 (September 25, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his expedition set out from their campsite by the Rio Grande in the morning and continue their march north until they reach Picuris Pueblo, where they find the people have set up several arches and crosses along the road leading in.  When they get to the pueblo itself they are met by the governor of Picuris, Lorenzo, along with his brothers Luis (the leader of the alliance of pueblos including Picuris and the Tewa pueblos around Santa Fe) and Antonio.  They lead the Spaniards to an awning in the plaza, where they dismount and rest.

Once he has recovered from the journey, Vargas asks Lorenzo to have all the people of the pueblo assemble in the plaza.  When they are there Vargas explains, as he has at the other pueblos he has visited, that he is there to pardon them, not to take vengeance, and he leads them in an oath of loyalty to the king.  Francisco Corvera, one of the missionaries accompanying the expedition, then grants the people absolution for their apostasy.  He and the other two missionaries then baptize 86 people.  After the baptisms are complete, the Spaniards camp for the night.

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