October 9 (September 29, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Governor Phips returns to Boston from Maine, where he has spent the past two weeks upgrading fortifications against the threat of attack by the French.  In his absence tensions over the conduct of the witch trials in Salem have increased markedly, particularly on account of the eight executions of convicted witches on September 22.  Opponents and supporters of the trials have become increasingly vocal in expressing their opinions, and the mood in Boston is tense.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas departs from Taos Pueblo, headed for Santa Fe.  He brings with him several prisoners, members of pueblos allied with the Spanish, whom the people of Taos willingly released to him.  His group marches as far as the campsite at Miranda, where they spent the night of October 6 on the way up to Taos, and stops for the night there.

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