October 10 (September 30, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his expedition leave from their campsite at Miranda and proceed to Picuris Pueblo.  Shortly after they arrive there, three young men from Taos Pueblo arrive.  They have been sent by Francisco Pacheco, the governor of Taos, to carry a message from Vargas to the hostile Pueblo of Pecos, a close ally of Taos, telling the people there about the peace Vargas made at Taos.  This is in accordance with the plan worked out by Vargas at Taos on October 8.  Vargas has the interpreter, Pedro Hidalgo, give the three men the message, and he himself then gives each of them a rosary and the group a large cross and a piece of paper with a smaller cross drawn on it.  They then leave for Pecos.  Vargas and his men remain at Picuris for the night.

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