October 15 (October 5, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Governor Phips sends a letter to the ministers of New York with a list of questions about witchcraft, ranging from general topics such as the very existence of witchcraft to specific issues that have been points of controversy in the increasingly controversial witch trials at Salem, such as whether the Devil can appear in the form of an innocent person.  Phips is growing quite concerned with the loud arguments between supporters and opponents of the trials that are causing great tumult in Massachusetts, so he wants to get some outside advice on how best to deal with the matter.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his expedition depart from San Ildefonso Pueblo and proceed to Santa Fe.

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  1. […] the New York ministers to whom Governor William Phips sent a list of questions about witchcraft on October 5 write a reply in which they state that witchcraft exists and consists of an alliance with the […]

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