October 16 (October 6, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Francis Faulkner and John Barker of Andover appear at the jail in Salem and post a bond of five hundred pounds for the release of Mary Lacey Jr., who has been held in the jail since she confessed to witchcraft on July 21 but has not yet been tried.  Faulkner and Barker are to keep Lacey in their care until she is summoned for trial.  Faulkner and William Wright also post a similar bond for thirteen-year-old John Sawdy of Andover, also being held in Salem on witchcraft charges.

New Mexico: Governor Diego de Vargas, in Santa Fe after succeeding in peacefully reconquering thirteen of the pueblos which rebelled in 1680, writes a letter to the viceroy, the Conde de Galve, describing the reconquest and its success, with particular attention devoted to the successful siege of Santa Fe on September 13 and the unsuccessful siege of Pecos Pueblo beginning on September 23.  Throughout his recounting of the events, Vargas emphasizes his personal bravery in attempting the reconquest with so few men, and notes that he has financed the whole project himself.  He recommends that five hundred families and one hundred soldiers be sent to the reconquered area to secure it, though he acknowledges that finding that many willing and reliable settlers is probably unrealistic and suggests that finding skilled tradesmen in the jails of the major cities of Mexico and sending them is probably the best the government can do.  He also has his secretary of government and war, Alfonso Rael de Aguilar, make a copy of his campaign journal to send to the viceroy.

Realizing that it will take the viceroy quite some time to think over and respond to his main dispatch, Vargas sends another letter in which he proposes sending the fifty soldiers from Nueva Vizcaya provided for him by the viceroy’s order of May 28 back home as soon as he gets authorization.  He asks the viceroy to send a courier as soon as possible with a response, so that he can get the message and, if approved, send the men back before winter sets in.  He also sends a separate letter recommending Francisco de Vargas, formerly head of the Franciscan order in the El Paso area and currently stationed at the mission to the Manso people, to be put in charge of the missionary activities in the reconquered colony.

Once Vargas has assembled the packet of letters and other documents he is sending to the viceroy, he sends it with the courier Diego Varela, who departs from Santa Fe bound for El Paso.  Vargas then begins preparing for his planned expedition to Pecos and the Keres pueblos.  Since he will be going to Pecos first and the road there is rough and circuitous, he decides that it would be pointless to try to bring any artillery along, so he sends the artillery captain in the other direction, to Santo Domingo Pueblo, along with the Indian allies from El Paso, the captives the expedition has redeemed from the various pueblos it has visited so far, and the pack animals.  He also sends two squads of the men from Nueva Vizcaya and one squad from El Paso as an escort.  Once the group arrives at Santo Domingo, they are to wait there until Vargas arrives with the main body of troops after dealing with Pecos.

Having sent the group going to Santo Domingo off, Vargas gathers together the leaders of his new allies, the Tewa and northern Tiwa pueblos, who have arrived in Santa Fe to accompany him on his expedition, and appoints Luis Picurí as governor of all the pueblos, having him swear an oath of office and giving him a cane as an emblem of the office.  Since Picurí is already the effective leader of the alliance to which all the pueblos except Taos belong, this is largely a ceremonial action to legitimize his authority under Spanish law.

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