October 20 (October 10, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Port Royal.  HMS Guernsey is ordered to return to Port Royal.  Charles Knight produces a bag of gold and says that it’s all that remains in the royal storehouse.

New Mexico: The cantor Francisco, whom Governor Vargas sent with a message to the people hiding at Cieneguilla Pueblo the previous day, returns to Vargas’s camp at Santo Domingo Pueblo around 5:00 pm and reports that the leaders of the people at Cieneguilla are on their way.  Five men arrive soon after, all leaders of the people, with one, named Juan, the primary leader over the others.  Vargas greets them warmly and explains that he has only come to pardon them and make them Christians again.  He gives Juan a rosary as a sign of his good intentions, then sends the men back to Cieneguilla to reassure their people there.

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